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Window 10 CompatibleWe record music in parties and they are huge in size. So as the quality is not compromised, the size is generally not compressed. In this case, it becomes impossible to carry them in a single storage device like a DVD or a CD. Hence, it is required to split the audio file to many portions such that it can be carried. Not just for this purpose, it come in heavy usage in musical industries and even at homes, this free audio splitter could be used for personal purposes. This is a very friendly tool. Even a kid can use it easily without much of trouble. All the functions of the application are neatly spread on the interface. It is made in form of drop-down lists to reduce any sort of complexity. A person who is not a technology savvy will be able to understand its process without any confusion. What makes it better than other tools is the quality of the product delivered by it. The quality received from the other similar tools is not satisfactory, whereas the same of this free audio splitter is literally amazing. It is wonderful how it does not spoil the file even after spitting. This tool is not even remotely comparable with other similar tools. It has much other functionality, for example, batch splitting. This means that all the files that need splitting are put in the tool all at once. The process takes place one after another without the help of the user. All the user needs to do is to select the files, drop them in the tool, set the time interval of splitting and finally, select the destination where the output needs to be stored. The rest of the lengthy process will be taken care by the tool itself.

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